Marian St. Laurent  

I am an expert in cultural insight for brands, offering semiotic analysis, trends forecasting and design research for sensorial and immersive brand storytelling. I have worked internationally in brand development and innovation for over fifteen years to create immersive experiences and creative strategies for product and content innovation in media, luxury, transport, and consumer goods sectors.

A lifelong passion to understand the power of images and mass spectacle led me to the world of commercial creative strategy - finding ways to preserve cultural and brand heritage across global brand campaigns and sensorial cues. 

Old Stories / New Technologies 


I'm a voyeur and a lover of beauty - especially beautiful stories, images and objects backed by high concepts and  substantial symbolism. Studying visual culture and technology has informed my approach to innovation which is distinguished by a deep understanding of the impact of cultural change on media representations, storytelling conventions and audience/ user perception.  

Currently I am developing concepts and storytelling approaches for content innovation and brand experience design, leveraging the possibilities of new technologies (including Augmented Reality and VR) to valorize brand heritage and historical visual culture. In between commercial projects and teaching, I collaborate with artists, musicians and filmmakers offering historical context and visual research for story development. 

Areas I study include masculinity, menswear, fashion history, media aesthetics, luxury goods (past and present) and cultural heritage. 

I Partner With


  • Direct Clients
  • Innovation and Design Firms
  • Brand Consultancies & Advertising Agencies
  • Market Research Firms
  • Filmmakers, Artists & Musicians




Educational activities I have been involved in include:

NABA , Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Masters in Creative Advertising 2017 - 2018
Guest Lecturer - Semiotics & Cultural Insight, History of Mass Communications 

Hero Industry Program, Miami Ad School,- Miami 2012, New York 2014
Cultural Approaches to Brand Development  

Virginia Commonwealth University Design Department, Doha, Qatar 2013
Tasmeem Design, Art & Architecture Conference, Innovation in MENA

Department of Museology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece  2012
Museum Branding Strategies and Cultural Valorization 


Communications Department, Cyprus University of Technology, Lemessol 2012
Cultural Insight & Trends Forecasting Workshop  

Participant Inc. Gallery and Anthology Film Archives, New York 2005 - 2006
Seduction in Art & Advertising Series   

International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, New York 2004
Media Coverage of the Iraq War - News discussion panel on embedded journalism









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