Contact me about your project and I propose an approach. Once we're aligned on scope, we set up a kickoff meeting



After a knowledge review of completed research and stakeholder interviews, we decode culture and communications relevant to the project objectives. 





Once we analyze your brand's current messaging in cultural and competitor context, we identify opportunities for optimization and improvement 



Delivered reports are designed to be taken into development workshops or can serve as guidelines for creative teams 




Future-proof your brand with smarter and deeper strategy

While everyone else is focused on consumer psychology, we dimensionalize insight by decoding the cultural and media landscape informing their perceptions. With ten years of international experience on projects ranging from flavor innovation to TV programming, we identify powerful codes your brand can leverage with credibility and impact, tapping into what’s just up ahead.


  • Brand Diagnostics, Positioning & Development
  • Semiotic Insight
  • Brand Stretch and New Product Development
  • Identity Guidelines 


Engage new audiences in new media contexts

Our proprietary approach to content innovation is led by specialists in film, television and news media with a strategic understanding of the impact of culture and technology on evolving audience expectations. 


  • Brand Development 
  • Product & Content Innovation
  • Syndicated & Customized CultureScan reports
  • Culturally Grounded Programming Development
  • International Media and Cultural Analysis

Stay ahead of sector developments

Semiotically informed competitor analysis will give your team the vision to stay ahead of rapid change. We decode your brand or sector in depth and are available for retainer for ongoing, up to date cultural insight to help your brand maintain salience and distinction.


  • Track and Trace Sector developments 
  • Category Mechanics for Tactical Insight
  • Category and Cultural Mapping
  • International Product and Media Audits

Translate your brand into new regions and media contexts

The most powerful brands tap into cultural tensions and aspirations that inspire people. Our trained analysts decode culture to identify underlying oppositions and codes impacting perception of your brand. We bring insight into the most relevant regional developments and market synergies offering services ranging from immersive fieldwork to local sense-checking with select experts in markets you need to understand. 


  • Multi-Market Cultural Analysis for Brand Innovation
  • Local Cultural Immersion and Sense-Checking
  • Compare and Contrast Market Analysis 
  • Culturally Grounded Strategy 

Tell new stories

We are experts in international strategy for new product development in luxury goods, hospitality, FMCG and media sectors. We provide methodologically sound insight into specific markets as well as manage international projects with proven experience integrating our work stream with Research and Development and Consumer Testing phases when needed.


  • Experiential Identity- Flavor & Fragrance, Sound Design and Idents
  • Tactical Guidance for Naming, Packaging, Broadcast, Retail and Online
  • Metaphor and Tone of Voice Development
  • Segmentation-Specific Product Innovation

Step away from the computer

We conduct historical and contemporary cultural research on brands and categories. Our approach has brought a differentiating edge to our clients. While everyone is looking at the computer, we take the time to look at the parts of culture and brand heritage relevant to evolving your brand.


  • Pitch & Proposal and Exploratory Phases
  • Design Research
  • Historical Brand & Sector Analysis

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